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where friendship comes first and business comes second!

13 Million Woman-Owned Businesses in the US
1,817 New Woman-Owned Business Each Day in the US
135 Million Nano & Micro Influencers

Like Minded Collective is a social networking platform that empowers women to be exceptional. A space that encourages every dreamer, creator, and female founder to amplify their voice, build personal relationships, and thrive in business - where friendship comes first and business comes second.

A social network that gives female founders the mic!
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Aspiring Entrepreneurs
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Workshops: An interactive learning session where you can gain insights and receive guidance from industry experts.

Strategy Circles: Brainstorm with fellow peers who will provide guidance, help you identify blind spots, and offer support to help you reach your goals. This level of individual attention is designed to catalyze your growth and maximize your potential.

Hot-Seat Coaching: Engage in coaching led by renowned experts and thought leaders in various fields. These open Q&A sessions will equip you with advanced skills, cutting-edge techniques, and a fresh perspective.

Premium Content Library: Gain unlimited access to our extensive content library, filled with 50+ workshops. Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and insights carefully curated to fuel your growth.

About the founder...

Hi! I’m Inbal!! My mission is to ensure every woman knows how incredible she is!

In 2019, my life was a whirlwind of excitement and challenges. As a new mom and a small business owner, I was navigating the complex world of entrepreneurship with my candle company. As I was trying to pivot to the online space, I noticed a significant gap: the lack of supportive communities for women like me — eager to grow their businesses but without the necessary budget or connections. I felt like everyone looked at me as a dollar sign when all I wanted to do was make some like-minded entrepreneur friends. I was determined to change that.

I have cultivated community since I was 16 and successfully built two 6-figure businesses in the last ten years. I’ve seen how community has helped both my personal life and business life, which is where I got the idea for Like Minded Collective.

Like Minded Collective is more than just a community; it's a testament to organic growth and the power of genuine connections. In less than two years, we've welcomed over 2,200 female founders, all through word of mouth and organic outreach. This incredible growth has not only amplified the success of my own business but has also highlighted the transformative impact of a nurturing community.

Today, I am dedicated to helping other women realize their dreams. Through group and one-on-one coaching, I guide them in cultivating their own vibrant communities. My approach combines practical business strategies with an empathetic understanding of the unique challenges faced by women in the entrepreneurial world.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I cherish spending time with my family and friends, basking in the beautiful weather of Orange County, CA. It's in these moments of relaxation and joy that I find the inspiration to continue my journey, building empowering spaces for women across the globe.

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I sooo enjoyed the networking mastermind! I felt like I had found my people!

Becca Feauto


Like Minded Collective is not just a platform but a community, the best part is that everyone is open to collaborations. I have connected with many women already by just having an 1-on-1 chat or just having in dept conversations on social media. So much more to come.

Lia Biscardi


Like Minded Collective has introduced me to not only great business opportunities but also great friendships! The people within the community are so supportive, and have enabled me to get guests on my podcast & provided me speaking opportunities. This community is like no other!

Brianne Hanson


Like Minded Collective is a fantastic platform that has made collaborations more accessible for small business owners and influencers when they need it the most. Not only has it been an excellent community to be a part of to grow my business, but it has also been a wonderful way for me to form friendships in the entrepreneur community.

Blaire Brown


My marketing mentor suggested that working with an influencer could help my marketing efforts. I spent hours joining groups trying to build relationships, and then thankfully! LIKE MINDED COLLECTIVE! I’ve met some incredible people who have trumpeted my business in the best way possible! I’m not wasting my time or energy on fake partnerships, but forming real ones on LMC. The resources through the mastermind were an unexpected bonus!

Deb Porter


I’ve always struggled with finding people to partner with who would represent by brand in the best way and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. I was having difficulties finding the right influencers to work with and I was looking for a better way to connect to help grow my brand. Since joining Like Minded Collective I’ve already made so many great connections!

Danielle Beck