Thank you so much for your interest in the Like Minded Collective Ambassador Program! The goal of LMC from the beginning has been to provide a safe space for all the incredible, genuine and driven women out there to feel welcomed and supported. We thrive off of personal relationships, where friendship comes first and business comes second. A social network that gives female founders the mic!

Ambassador Perks

  • For every new female founder you bring in, you'll get an ongoing monthly commission between 10 - 20% for the entirety of the time they're subscribed!
  • The more conversions you have, the higher your commission will be!
  • You'll get a custom code to give your followers, giving them 50% off their first month.
  • You’ll receive a 30% off code for the ELITE Membership to utilize yourself!
  • Partake in monthly meetings with other ambassadors to learn about new updates, creative ideas, networking and exchange services!
  • A chance to win prizes and giveaways monthly (cash, gift cards, free subscriptions, etc.).
  • Be a part of a private group where you can get ideas for creatives, copy and community!

Ambassador Pay Structure

10% Recurring Monthly Commission

Bring in 1-10 paid conversions

15% Recurring Monthly Commission

Bring in 11-25 paid conversions

20% Recurring Monthly Commission

Bring in 26+ paid conversions

Mission, Vision and Values


A space where every female founder, dreamer and creator is encouraged to thrive with the confidence and opportunity to follow their dreams.


We show respect through thoughtful, genuine, honest and supportive interactions.


Like Minded Collective is a safe and supportive community for early-stage female founders to amplify their voices, build genuine relationships and grow their business.


LMC Features

  • Custom platform where users can create a profile, search, message and post on the community feed.
  • Extensive search feature - industry, price points for influencers, keywords, follower count, etc.
  • Community feed to promote your business, post questions, job pportunities, networking opportunities, freebies, celebrate launches, etc.
  • Monthly workshops based around business, strategy & mindset taught by a new expert that will provide hot-seat coaching and open Q&A.
  • Networking events twice a month
  • Monthly small group strategy sessions to work through business hurdles with other women entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly information sessions that will walk new users through the platform and answer any questions they have.
  • Expert hot-seat coaching to help you take your business to the next level.

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